Street Department


The City's street system consists of approximately 13.58 miles of paved streets. The Street Department is responsible for the construction and daily operation and maintenance of City streets, including street signing, lighting, bike paths, sidewalks, storm drainage, open ditch cleaning, sweeping and utility locates. This activity is funded by State gasoline tax, grant funds, permit fees, miscellaneous revenues and system development charges.


The Street Department is staffed by the Public Works Superintendent, Micah Rogers, and two Utility Workers. The Public Works Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and the development of the City street system, and for supervising the street system maintenance staff. The department can be reached by calling (503) 366-0454, or faxing to (503) 366-2870. Their mailing address is PO Box 189, Columbia City, OR 97018. The City Shop is located at 1755 Second Place. You can also contact them directly through our online contact form.


The City has an active Streets Committee and they meet on an as-needed basis. Click here for Streets Committee Meeting Minutes.




• Replaced three failing street light poles and old street light fixtures with new LED fixtures on aluminum poles.

• Completed pavement restoration work on Sixth Street between Pacific and Lincoln Streets.

• Re-graveled alleyways and replaced street signs and traffic signs as needed during the year.

• Patched and repaired various streets throughout the year.

• Replaced a substandard open drainage culvert that sustained significant damage during heavy rains with a new underground storm system.

• Performed routine street sweeping, striping and storm maintenance.




To investigate and pursue alternative funding opportunities for street maintenance and improvements as identified in the City's Five Year Capital Improvement Program and Transportation Systems Plan and in accordance with 2017-18 Policy Goal and Objective 2E adopted by Council. Target date: Ongoing.


To communicate with the City Council in the form of a monthly activities report and with the citizens through the City's newsletter and website as well as through Facebook and Twitter. Target date: Ongoing.


To seek funding for and complete pavement restoration work on Sixth Street between H and K Streets in accordance with the City's Five-Year Capital Improvement Program and 2017-18 Policy Goal and Objective 2A adopted by Council. Target date: June 30, 2018.


To replace several failing wooden light posts and old mercury vapor light fixtures with new LED streetlights on aluminum posts. Target date: June 30, 2018.

To develop a Debris Management Plan to accompany the City's Emergency Operations Plan. Target date: June 30, 2018.


To complete a detailed City-wide Street System Inventory as outlined in 2017-18 Policy Goal and Objective 2C adopted by Council. Target date: August 31, 2017.


To complete routine storm facility cleaning and maintenance activities as outlined in 2017-18 Policy Goal and Objective 2B established by Council. Target date: June 30, 2018.


To complete another round of crack seal work to help extend the life of the existing roadways. Target date: June 30, 2018.




Pavement Widening and Restoration Project - Sixth Street (between H and K Streets). Project involves repair of failed pavement areas, grade adjustments, pre-leveling uneven pavement areas, the installation of geotextile engineered paving mat and associated tack coat, taper grinding, pavement widening, storm system improvements and an asphaltic concrete overlay. The project is conditioned upon a successful grant award under the Special City Allotment (SCA) Program. Estimated cost: $110,000.


Streetlight Improvements. Project involves the replacement of failing wooden streetlight poles and lighting fixtures in the northwest part of the City with new LED cobra-head style lighting fixtures. Estimated cost: $12,000.

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