Water Department


The Water Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s groundwater wells and water distribution system. The well system consists of two wells and a chlorination facility. The City’s main well is PW Well No. 2, and PW Well No. 1 serves as a secondary or backup well. The City is also a wholesale customer of the City of St. Helens, and purchases water as needed. The water from all three sources is pumped via two pump stations into Columbia City's water reservoir system, consisting of three storage reservoirs with a combined storage capacity of 1.4 million gallons, and then distributed into the system. The distribution system consists of approximately 16 miles of distribution lines and 863 service lines and water meters


The Water Department is funded by charges for service, licenses, permits and fees, intergovernmental revenues, loan proceeds, and miscellaneous revenue.


The Water Department is staffed by the Public Works Superintendent, Micah Rogers, and three Utility Workers. The Public Works Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and the development of the City water system, and for supervising the water system maintenance staff. The department can be reached by calling (503) 366-0454, or faxing to (503) 366-2870. The department's mailing address is PO Box 189, Columbia City, OR 97018. The City Shop is located at 1755 Second Place. You can also contact them using our online contact form.


The City has an active Water Source and Development Committee and they meet on an as-needed basis. Click here for Water Source and Development Committee Meeting Minutes.


Current Rates and General Regulations for Water and Sewer Services - Last revision to information was June 2017.  


Protect Your Drinking Water Source!


2016 Water Quality Report


Water Master Plan


Source Water Protection Plan, Tables, Figures, Appendices


Water Conservation Tips


Water Conservation Publications: provided by Oregon State University




• Continued to promote water conservation through public education, the design of the water rate structure, a system wide leak detection survey, leak repair work, etc. Low leak loss adds capacity to our water system and lowers our wholesale purchase costs for water, and every effort is made to identify and eliminate leaks from the system.

• Identified and repaired leaks throughout the year.

• Secured a Source Water Protection Grant from the Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund for completion of the Columbia City Source Protection Implementation Project.

• Secured a Safe Drinking Water Loan that includes 100% debt forgiveness (essentially a grant) for the City of Columbia City Water System Mapping/Asset Management Project. The project includes the acquisition of iPads and a GIS database that will provide an easy-to-use electronic mapping system for City staff to use for ongoing system maintenance and repairs.

• Secured a Hazard Mitigation Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to add seismic retrofits to the City's two steel water storage reservoirs as part of the Columbia City Water Reservoir and Waterline Improvements Project.

• Secured a Safe Drinking Water Loan that includes 10% debt forgiveness (essentially a grant) and the lowest interest rates in the history of the loan program to complete the Columbia City Water Reservoir and Waterline Improvements Project.

• The Department is working to complete the City of Columbia City Water System Mapping/Asset Management Project by June 30, 2017.




To continue to implement the water source protection strategies in accordance with 2017-18 Policy Goal and Objective 3F set forth by Council and as identified in the Drinking Water Protection Plan. Target date: June 30, 2018.


To continue to implement the water conservation strategies identified in the Water Management and Conservation Plan. June 30, 2018.


To make necessary repairs to eliminate water leaks as identified in the system wide leak detection study to effectively maintain water loss levels of 10% or less. Target date: Ongoing.


To complete the restoration of the upper level water storage reservoir, add seismic upgrades to both of the steel water storage reservoirs (upper and lower), add level instruments and data storage, replace 3500 linear feet of cast iron waterline, and add/replace several fire hydrants in accordance with 2017-18 Policy Goal and Objective 3C set forth by Council. This project is further described in the Five Year Capital Improvement Program. Target date: February 28, 2018.


To secure an easement for an overflow drain for the Upper Reservoir. Target date: July 31, 2017.


To annually flush the water system and exercise all fire hydrants. Target date: November 2017.


To continue to implement a cross-connection program to require backflow devices for all new construction and a retrofitting program for existing water connections in an effort to fully protect the City's water distribution system. Target date: Ongoing.


To continue to meet all requirements and regulations governing public water systems through upgraded facilities and well-educated staff. Target date: Ongoing.


To continue to provide the community with quality water that meets all Oregon Drinking Water Program standards. Target date: Ongoing.


To emphasize special training and education of department employees. Target date: Ongoing.




Reservoir and Waterline Improvements Project. Project involves refurbishing the upper level steel reservoir, adding level instruments and data storage, adding seismic upgrades to the upper and lower steel reservoirs, replacing 3500 linear feet of cast iron waterline with PVC pipe, and adding/replacing several fire hydrants.

Estimated cost: $817,000.


Source Water Protection Project. Project involves the construction of storm drain and the closure of two drywells within the City's source water protection area. Estimated cost: $30,600.


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