Parks Department


The Parks Maintenance Department is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of 18.64 acres of land that is used for public park purposes and park construction projects.


The Park Maintenance Department is funded primarily by state revenue sharing, in lieu of tax revenues, grants, engraved brick sales, engraved brick proceeds, donations and miscellaneous revenue.


The Parks Department is currently staffed by the Public Works Superintendent, Micah Rogers, and three Utility Workers. The Public Works Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and the development of the City parks, and for supervising the park maintenance staff. The department can be reached by calling (503) 366-0454, or faxing to (503) 366-2870, and their mailing address is PO Box 189, Columbia City, OR 97018. The City Shop is located at 1755 2nd Place. You can contact Micah directly through our online contact form.


The City has an active Parks Committee, and they meet as needed. Parks Committee Meeting Minutes are available on-line.




Carolyn King Park (0.06 acres): This viewpoint park provides spectacular views of the Columbia River, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams. The park is located at the corner of Ninth and "K" Streets, and has a covered picnic table.

Columbia City Bike Path (5.39 acres): This popular bike path is used by walkers, bicyclists, joggers, and skaters. It extends along the west side of Highway 30 and then along the top of the bank along McBride Creek.

Datis Park (0.14 acres): This waterfront park is located on The Strand and provides a scenic view of the river activity. The Parks Committee plans to add a fishing dock.


Harvard Park (0.39 acres): This developed neighborhood park is located on Sixth Street between Calvin and Penn Streets. It currently has playground equipment, an open green area for field games, park benches, picnic tables, drinking fountain and a restroom.


Jim Bundy Memorial Park (2.86 acres): This park is located at the corner of "E" Street and Highway 30, adjacent to the Columbia City Bike Path. This centrally located park is heavily wooded and easily accessible to travelers. It features a beautiful display of trillium from April through June. The park has a picnic shelter, picnic tables, park benches, walking trails, and restroom.

Pixie Park (0.31 acres): This waterfront park is privately owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). This park is located at the corner of The Strand and "I" Street. This is a popular park for picnics and it provides breathtaking views of Columbia River, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and river traffic and activities. It has a well maintained grassy area for lounging and picnics, picnic tables, and access to the river. The site is a popular location for wind surfing and wind sailing activities.

Ruth Rose Richardson Memorial Park (0.46 acres): This private park is also owned by the DAR and is located on "I" Street between First Street and The Strand. This park provides a grassy area for picnics, and benches with spectacular views of the Columbia River, Mt. Adams, and river traffic and activities.

Adopt-a-Highway entrance sign area (0.33 acres): The City has partnered with Oregon Department of Transportation to landscape an area along Highway 30. The site serves as home to a beautiful rose garden, a handcrafted "Welcome to Columbia City" entrance sign that was designed and built by a local artist, and a lit flag pole.

Veterans Memorial Park (0.39 acres): This gorgeous park is located along the bike path at the north end of the City, adjacent to Highway 30.  The park honors veterans with four engraved wall panels, multiple monuments and flag poles, hand crafted park features, and beautiful landscaping.   Annual ceremonies are held in the park on Memorial Day.


Veterans Park Dedication - Memorial Day 2015

McBride Creek Trail System (7.86 acres): The first phase of this trail system is currently under development. Phase 1 includes the development of a picnic area. The trailhead will be located near the Veterans Memorial, near Highway 30 and McBride Creek. The trail system will lead hikers up and down the banks along the McBride Creek riparian area. The acquisition of additional property for the trail system is currently underway.


Off-Leash Dog Park (0.84 acres):  The City has partnered with the Port of St. Helens and the Columbia County Community Corrections Crew in the development of an off-leash dog park. The park is located on property owned by the Port of St. Helens, and the Columbia County Community Corrections Crew assisted with the site development and will assist with the ongoing maintenance associated with the park. The park opened in February 2014. The park is located on the north side of "E" Street between Highway 30 and Second Street.

Columbia City Elementary School (1.92 acres): This area is accessible to the public during non-school hours, and includes playground equipment, volleyball area, soccer and softball field, basketball court, picnic tables, and benches with views of the Columbia River. The park is accessible from Second, First and "F" Streets.



• Completed the remaining Phase IV development work in the Columbia City Veterans Park consisting of the building of the fifth veteran’s memorial wall, in partnership with a grant from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and the National Daughters of the American Revolution.

• Coordinated a sixth annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the Columbia City Veterans Park, which was unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

• Was successfully awarded a grant under the State of Oregon Recreation Trails Program for Phase I of the McBride Creek Trail system.

• Worked extensively with the National Parks Service, Port of Columbia County, Knife River Industries, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), ODOT Rail, and Portland & Western Railroad to identify options and the best solutions for parking, access to, and connectivity between the Trestle Beach Area and the Columbia City Bike Path, Veterans Park, and the future McBride Creek Trail System, pedestrian crossings over Highway 30 and the railroad tracks, and vehicular access over the railroad tracks.

• Purchased a shade sail for installation in Harvard Park.




To complete the development of the McBride Creek Trail System Phase I in keeping with 2020-21 Policy Goal and Objective 1-D established by Council. Target date: April 30, 2021.


With assistance from the National Park Service, continue to complete planning work associated with the McBride Creek Trail System, to be named “Rivers Walk”, as outlined in 2020-21 Policy Goal and Objective 1-G established by Council. Target date: June 30, 2020 if another year of assistance is awarded.


To pursue the acquisition of additional easements and/or land acquisitions along the length of McBride Creek for the development of a linear park in accordance with adopted Parks Master Plan and as outlined in the Five-Year Capital Improvement Program. Target date: Ongoing.


To coordinate an annual ceremony to honor All American Veterans on Memorial Day 2021 in the Columbia City Veterans Park. Target date: May 25, 2021.


To continue to recruit and manage volunteers to assist with park maintenance and development activities. Target date: Ongoing.


To develop a written maintenance plan and identify a volunteer advocate for each of the City’s parks. Target date: June 30, 2020.


To update the City's Parks Master Plan as outlined by 2020-21 Policy Goal and Objective 1-Target date: December 31, 2020.


To install shade sail and gravel parking area at Harvard Park. Target date: July 1, 2020.

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